March 10, 2013

Sky Arrow with special livery to be displayed at Defence fair in Rio de Janeiro

It has been quite a hectic week-end at the Salver plant in Brindisi, with a very special Sky Arrow being prepared for an overseas shipment.

With her colorful livery, even at first glance, guessing where this ship is bound does not require paranormal powers.  And the parrot logo on the fin is not leaving room for doubt:  this Sky Arrow is destined for a country which today represents one of the few booming economies, clustered altogether under the BRIC acronym:  Brazil.

The occasion is provided by the LAAD, an international trade fair to be held in Rio de Janeiro on next April 9 through 12 (  A huge event in size, number of exhibitors  and countries represented, LAAD is focused on Defence and Security, which is precisely the scenario where the Sky Arrow AWP (Aerial Work Platform), with its multi-purpose sensorial capabilities, best fits.  The aircraft will be displayed at the Magnaghi  booth, together with some samples of landing gears and other aerospace parts manufactured by the Group.

In order to match the tight delivery deadlines, the “Brazilian” Sky Arrow had to undergo production flight tests during last week-end.  A post-flight  rush to Salver’s loading platform allowed the on-road transportation to the Milan-Malpensa airport, where the aircraft will join an air cargo shipment.

Capt. Andrea Canetto, the pilot who performed the test flights, defined the task as “absolutely flawless”, stressing the “excellent manufacturing qualities” that the new Sky Arrow plant could guarantee.