May 12, 2013

Toasts and rain-showers on beautiful Lake Trasimeno

Castiglione del Lago is an old, fascinating village on the southwest corner of Lake Trasimeno, in the heart of Umbria region, aka the “Green Heart of Italy”.  It used to be the fourth island of Lake Trasimeno, but over the years the gap between the island and the shore has been filled in. The historical center is well preserved and provides good views of the lake.

The above for as much as goes, however (and more importantly to us) Castiglione del Lago is also venue to the “Meeting di Primavera” a classic yearly fly-in for the Italian light aviation enthusiasts.

Talking about weather, in spite of a relevant calendar postponement, this edition was not a lucky one, either, with a chilly northern wind and some rain-showers on Friday and Sunday.  It’s been, anyway, an important occasion to us SKYARROWERS, due to the first joint participation in a common exhibit space for Magnaghi Aeronautica and Club Arrow.

During the 3-day event, such set-up made the booth well attended from Sky Arrow owners, students and potential buyers.  A brand new LSA was on display in front of the booth, grabbing attention from the attendees.

We always find time for a Prosecco based toast: w had one on Saturday evening, while we had arranged for a “spring toast” on Sunday afternoon, which shortly thereafter  gave space to a thunderstorm. Nevertheless, thanks to helo pilot Giorgio Zecca and to photographer Andrea Colombo, we succeeded in having our toast shot from… altitude!   For the other pictures credit has to be given to Club Arrow’s Aulo, Francesco, Duilio and Lorenzo.